In-Person Children’s Ministry Reopening

We’re reopening in-person children’s ministry! Our first day back will be May 1, 2022, and we’ll be starting with the Grades 1-6’s. Due to limited capacity, we will need you to pre-register your children. Registration will be on a weekly basis. For the time being, each child will only be able to register for one session each week. We will continue to increase capacity as we are able to.

To Register:

  • Online registration will open up on our website each week on Monday at 10pm and will remain open until Friday night or until maximum capacity is reached.
  • If you have more than one child, please register for each child separately.
  • You will receive an email informing you of your child’s registration status a day after you register.
  • Prior to coming to church, please ensure that you’ve also filled out our children’s ministry registration and consent form for each of your children:
  • Registrations are not transferrable. If you cannot join after registering, please email Pastor Joanne at
  • If your child does not have a confirmed spot that week and you choose to bring your child to church, if we do not have available spaces, we will not admit your child.

Preparing for Sunday Morning:

  • All children will need to be wearing masks. If they forget theirs, one will be provided for them.
  • For sign-in and sign-out, please go up the side staircase (next to the Beelievers room) and down the main staircase.
  • The check-in stations will open 15 minutes before each session and will close 15 minutes after the session begins.
  • Please take your children to the washroom before lining up for check-in.
  • Please be prepared to show your confirmation email.
  • After confirmation, your child’s temperature will be taken. Only those with temp below 38°C will be allowed to join.
  • Each child will be given a nametag sticker. The parents will have the corresponding one for pick up. Please do not lose that sticker.
  • Please prepare a Bible for your child (NIRV is great for children!). We will provide a basic stationery set for your child and it will be theirs and theirs alone each time they come to church.
  • We will not be having snack time. Water bottles are permitted.
  • Please pick up your children immediately after the adult worship. Please do not gather in the 2nd floor foyer.

Health and Safety Measure

  • All rooms will be sanitized before and after each session.
  • Each child will be assigned a group/room and we will do our best to ensure no overlapping groups/rooms.

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