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Jessica Chu


OMF (Japan)




Learning the language and migrating into the culture. Getting ready to serve in local churches.

Prayer Items:

Financial support, wisdom in preaching the gospel to local citizens, success in getting professional licence.


From: Jessica Chu
Date: Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Exam Update

My dear prayer partners,

The results for the interview came out yesterday evening and I passed!!!! This means that I have passed the application process and will be accepted to the masters program in clinical psychology for Meijigakuin University starting April 2023. It still feels surreal with a lot of complicated emotions. I’ll send another update out about what’s next and future plans after I spend some time with God organizing my thoughts/feelings and meeting with supervisors/colleagues from OMF.I want to thank you for the way you have journeyed with me in the past 2.5 years. Thank you for all your remembrance, prayers, encouragements, emails, messages, video chats, financial gifts – your consistent care and love for me, despite physical and temporal separation. I feel so privileged to have you as part of my team and spiritual family, to be able to share my weaknesses and vulnerability with you, and to know that you will pray with me, encourage me, remember me, and hold my vulnerability with tenderness. I would not be in Japan without you, and I would not be at this point in the journey with missions and psychotherapy without you – I would’ve given up this calling somewhere in the process. Truly, your friendship and fellowship are invaluable to me.

So please continue to be a part of my journey. It’s only going to get more challenging from here. I will most likely be the only foreigner in the program, immersed in clinical psychology courses, reports and assignments, internship, and research, all in Japanese, amongst Japanese classmates. I feel scared and inadequate for what’s coming next. I also feel excited for all the Japanese classmates and professors I will meet and build relationships with, all the conversations and experiences that will unfold. I hope I can continue to be Jesus’ aroma in the midst.

I will send another update soon! Lots and love and hugs from Japan.

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